Wool Info & Care

New to wool? Wool is a wonderful, natural, breathable fiber that works amazing as a diaper cover! Wool pants with a fitted or a snappi'd prefold are so easy and practical! We use them at day and night. Warm in the winter and breathable in the summer which makes them cooler than a truly waterproof cover. Wool also has antibacterial properties which keeps them fresh smelling for way longer! 

We recommend hand washing of our wool products or using the hand wash/delicates cycle of your washing machine on cold. Do NOT put it in the dryer

There are many nice wool washes out there, you can also use shampoo. I often wash out our wool in the sink then run it on the low spin in my washer to get rid of the excess water and hang to dry, easy peasy!

We do not pre-lanolize your items, we don't even lanolize ours at all :)

For good directions on lanolizing look here